Angels Valley Therapeutic Foster Home Update, March 2004

by Filip Marceron, Founder

Because of complication with having the place licensed by New York state Social Services and having my status as a foreigner in US extended, the Angels Valley project to advocate for children's right to heal may have to be relocated:

- either somewhere else in the US, depending if some people want to help this project happen, or to partner with it, or participate in it as a team member,

- either back in France, as I am French.

In the last case the project would be set up so to be able to welcome American people if they wish to visit for any purpose, as quite a number of US citizens go there for short visits or for more extended periods of time, this to keep the international scope of the project as children suffering from curable disturbances live in all countries, and as I appreciated the excellent qualities of some American people: I will always value the participation of some of them in the project and to help the model be duplicated anywhere in US where wanted.