Brave people in need of help in Europe: fighting perverts' networks.

On going struggle in Europe since the 1990's where activists who denounce children forced into pornography on the web and the most extreme atrocities committed on children by sadistic perverts are themselves prosecuted by Belgian and French governments, as some high ranking officials are themselves "customers" of such abuses :


On Google, names of some of the activists prosecuted to try discredit and discourage them from disclosing the tortures, rapes and murders of children, and the names of those who participated in such "pleasures", including members of governments.

These people need help and protection to continue their work of disclosing criminal perverts, no matter what position they may have. As told on those sites, 2 activists were murdered as conseuence of their efforts ("car accident" and "suicide"), plus attempted murder on one of their children.

"Marcel Vervloesem"

"Willy Holvoet" (do not confuse with senator with same name who died lately)

"gendarme Holvoet"

"Jacqueline de Croy"

"Yvon Tallec" : French public prosecutor in Paris for minors affairs, wanted to cover parents who prostitute their children, stated on French TV that

"Such cases need be minimized. As long as the parents of the children are consentant (for their children to do child pornographic videos to be sold on the web) and the children themselves are also consentant, there is no ground for prosecution".

As if children had the option to say no when their parents want to prostitute them ! Such a statement outraged many. Nevertheless Mr Tallec continued his career as high ranking official in the French justice department no problem, showing that the French government despises their own people and the basic healthy trend that exists in every decent human being to protect children.