Child Care Givers for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children Wanted:

For starting the Angels Valley non profit therapeutic foster care home for severely emotionally disturbed children: non-directive program conceived from Bruno Bettelheim's milieu therapy, psychoanalysis and psychosomatics.

Qualities needed:

- ability to love children, respect them, and understand their emotional needs
- ability to suit the non directive spirit of the project disturbed children lead all the way the process of their recovery.

Child Care Positions Offered:

Being non-profit this project is not expected to make much money, thus no salaries nor benefits are likely to be provided. Benefits of employment are:

1- flexibility in arranging for each person's particular needs: full time or part time, live-in or out the home

2- room and board provided for whomever wants a live-in position

3- small allowance for personal money: as far as possible

4- diversity of basic activities: care and play with the children, handicrafts, self-help skills for maintenance and improvement of physical setting, growing vegetable garden, cutting wood for fuel

5- opportunity for personal growth thru learning the dynamics of relationships with a psychoanalytical background and, ethics in the helping professions

6- possibility to engage with the children in any kind of activity that would suit them.

Location of Angels Valley Therapeutic Foster Home:

Angels Valley is located in the countryside at the west edge of the Adirondacks in a natural wooded area in upper New York state, 5 miles from the village of Harrisville.

Feel free to call or write to ask questions or to visit or to request the 60-page free guidelines for this project.

If you would like to hear more about it in the future, please let me know to be added on the newsletter list.

Filip Marceron, Founder Filip Maceron

I live at the place and am on same basis as team members described above.
I am trying to create this project on my own non-renewable money only.